10 New and Free Illustrator Tutorials for February 2013

Illustrator aficionados are always on the lookout for techniques, tips, and tricks to enhance their design skills.  If you want to improve your Illustrator skills and become a better graphic designer, check out the following 10 new and free Illustrator tutorials for February 2013.

1. Sketchy Weather Icons

Give your weather forecast a cool (or hot) look with these colorful sketched weather icons.  This Illustrator tutorial shows you how.

Sketchy Weather Icons

2. Man Of Steel Icon

Superman fans will love this tutorial that shows you how to design a wicked cool Man Of Steel icon.  I’d love to see the Batman and Spider-Man icons designed with the same techniques.


3. Retro Badge

Use Illustrator’s cutting-edge design technology to create a retro-looking badge.  This step-by-step Illustrator tutorial shows you how.

Retro Badge

4. Bubblegum Buttons Vector Set Illustrator Tutorial

Learn how to design some sweet bubblegum buttons in this tutorial.

Bubblegum Buttons

5. Vector Floral Background

Use Illustrator to draw and color a vector floral background, perfect for websites, flyers, posters and other designs.

Floral Background

6. Basic Vector Tree Tutorial

Illustrator newbies will appreciate this bare bones tutorial that shows them how to use the program’s most basic – yet powerful – features to create a tree design.

Basic Vector Tree

7. Stylish Illustrator Case Study

Show, don’t tell, seems to be the theme of this stylish Illustrator case study.  The author doesn’t tell you how the created this illustration; instead, he shows you a frame each step of the way so you can figure it out for yourself.  It’s a powerful way to learn Illustrator.


8. Search Engine Homepage

This tutorial walks you through the process of designing a search engine homepage, complete with custom icons.  You’ll use both Illustrator and Photoshop in this tutorial.

Search Engine

9. Comet Illustrator Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a comet using the blend tool and blurs.

Comet Illustrator

10. Marker Board Illustration

Learn how to create a marker board illustration, which would serve as a unique yet compelling comparison marketing tool for web headers, brochures and posters.

Marker Board Illustrator