15 Real Time Web Startups Around

InstantShift - 15 Real Time Web Startups Around
It’s not a secret but the current trend on the web is toward more and more real-time information, There seems to be no end to companies saying they offer real time updates these days so the competition is on to collect, organize, and filter that data so that people can actually many sense of it.

The real time web has spawned hundreds of startups whom have built websites and tools to try and take advantage of the real time web. Twitter, of Course, is the real time publishing leader — the leading microblogging service. So much material is published by so many people so quickly through Twitter that real time updates is largely synonymous with searching tweets. In this article, we will introduce you to 12 of the real time startups. Seven of these startups are real time search engines and the other eight, offer tools to help you better take advantage of Twitter.

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