5 SEO Tips for The Everyday Web Designer/Developer

I seem to notice that SEO (Search Engine Optimization consultants) get plenty of push back from web designers, web developers and even copywriters whenever they collaborate on a project. And to a large extent, I understand why this disconnect usually occurs, which usually starts at the beginning stages of the design process. It usually happens like this: the designer gets excited about laying out the creative elements of a website , the developer wants to return to his cave so he can diligently code on the back-end, and the copywriter retreats to somewhere peaceful and serene to write immaculate content. Enter…the wet blanket SEO who serves as an annoying reminder that no matter how awesome the design, functionality and copy of a website is, the website is nothing unless it has keywords, keywords, keywords and more keywords so it can be indexed and ranked by search engines A, B, C and D.

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