260+ Free Beautiful Paper Texture Collection For Elegant Designs

The use of paper as a surface where web designers can draw some vague concept for design inspiration that comes unwittingly like a flash in their minds, is already an acknowledged fact. Whether it is some unique concept of a logo, or a header, or a wireframing idea, web designers often grab the nearest pen and paper to visualize his thoughts before they fade. During one of these creative wanderings perhaps came the use of paper, not as web designers used to know it, but as a texture or background of the design project. Since then, the use of paper texture became increasingly popular.

This popularity is of course not without reason. A web page with a paper background tends to be more friendly or passionate in its approach thus, endearing to its readers. This is true especially if the paper is soft or delicate in its appearance. From this perspective, web designers have learned to use a specific look of paper texture to evoke a certain emotional response from the readers. From a burnt paperback, to a wrinkled or a torn and yellowish scrap, each has its own distinct use that only web designers and artists appreciate. I say only, because only artists and web designers appreciate the beauty of a paper texture which is dirty, or yellowish, stained, burnt, you name it.

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