Usability is the Fusion of Form and Function

The most basic question of design: form or function? Make something look appealing or pack as much functionality into a product as possible? The obvious and easy answer is that it's a mix of the two as one could hardly argue against either of these … [Read More...]


Exclusive Icon Set For DesignFollow

This icon set is exclusively designed for, this icon set contain 75 icons, it contains different icons for clock, currency, world, books etc. This icon set was design by James Lynch, he works at, you're free to use … [Read More...]

Project Management Apps

Time-Saving Tools for Creative Freelancers

Clients always want their work done as quickly as possible. Preferably yesterday. And not just because the longer you spend on a job the more it’s going to cost them but because they have deadlines to hit too. Time is money. And that’s especially … [Read More...]


Key Traits of a User-Friendly Mobile App

If you want your mobile app to be a success, you have to pack it full of user-friendly features. After all, if users aren't able to use your app effectively, they'll bypass it in favor of other, similar apps on the market. It is the rare app that … [Read More...]

Eco-friendly Tags

10 Cool Photoshop Freebies for Sticker Design

10 Cool Photoshop Freebies for Sticker Design The graphic design community is among the most generous in the world. Despite being a competitive field, graphic designers routinely share tutorials, resources, and freebies that help other graphic … [Read More...]

Tips And Tricks For jQuery Developers

Tips And Tricks For jQuery Developers

JQuery-an open source, cross browser JavaScript library-helps simplify event handling and client-side scripting of HTML. Making Ajax development easier, this light-weight tool helps in creating web applications. The main purpose of jQuery is to help … [Read More...]