15 Quality Web-Based Applications to Create Mock-Ups and Wireframes

To effectively manage a project with very little mistakes, you must make it a priority to plan. Diving into the development process with not a single clue as to what elements go where or how certain aspects of a websites interface differ from one another is dooming yourself to hard-earned headaches.

For as long as humans have been able to hold a pen and a paper in hand, we have been prototyping and although different from now, “wireframing“. This dates back to thousands of years ago when architects and artists began converting their artwork into an actual physical presence.

This is to outline that we are no strangers to the planning, prototyping, and executing process.

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    In my experience, the best wireframe is actually building a throwaway prototype site in HTML + Flash (no graphics, just links establishing workflow). As websites get more complex (ajax), this is the only way to approximate the experience. Plus… everyone understands a mini-website unlike the hidden language of wireframes i.e. I thought the line in this diagram meant a link on the page.