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Computer technology and the Internet are both developing so quickly that there is a great demand for web-designing software and related resources. Web designers need to be able to find graphics to use in web development; graphics are also widely used in a variety of devices ranging from mobile phones to televisions and laptop computers. These graphics are not easy to make and as a result they tend to be expensive. The problem with the high cost is that these days web designers are operating on limited budgets. was created to help with this problem and to provide web designers with the graphics they need, free of charge.
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What Does Freepik Do? is a search engine designed for use by web and graphic designers. It provides search results that include websites with content related to graphics and graphic design. Searchers get a large gallery of high quality images including vectors and illustrations that they can use to develop their websites and applications. The feature most users will find appealing is that everything on is completely free. It provides them with multiple options for graphics in an easy layout without the need to spend time searching manually.

How Does Freepik Work?

Freepik’s robots crawl and index thousands of websites and use an algorithm to rank each of them according to the quality of the graphical content and their relevance to the search term. If the website is considered useful, it gets listed. Aside from its search engine function, Freepik also has other graphics-related content to help its users. The site has a large amount of graphics data and services that users have found useful. The services provided by Freepik include:

* Free vectors.
Vector graphics are important for graphic designers as the format can provide extremely clear and precise pictures. These pictures are made by connecting points, lines and curves to create images that can be zoomed without diminished quality. Freepik has a large collection of downloadable images in this format that are all free of charge, and which are categorized. The categories include animals, business, buttons and backgrounds.

* Free Wallpapers.
High quality images that can be used as wallpapers are always in high demand both by designers and regular computer users. Freepik has hundreds of thousands of these and they are categorized for easy searching and browsing. The categories for wallpapers include animals, science and nature. Users can find many more by searching.

* Free illustration and Photoshop files.
Freepik also provides free illustration and professionally designed PSD files for use in Photoshop, which can be very useful to web and graphic designers. This section also has a great variety of images, all in various categories and free of charge.

How can be Free?

Freepik is free because it is completely automated and uses robots to find the images that graphic and web designers want. They just type in their search phrase and the robots will do the work, serving up a wide variety of graphics from which users may choose.


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