10 Photoshop Scripting Tutorials

Photoshop is a boon for designers. It provides you a racy and robust designing and editing experience which is difficult to beat by its competitors. Whether its web layout, print layout or more, Photoshop is there to deliver quality results. At times you have to do repetitive work, mostly when you are doing photo touch ups or photo editing. At this time to increase your productivity and to save your precious time, you can go for Photoshop Programming scripts.

You can use Scripting Plug-in, which empowers you to write little scripts in Javascript, VBScript or AppleScript. This scripts enhance your work quality as it takes over Photoshop and make sure that you get an equivalent quality results for each of your repetitive task. Many designers are not familiar with Photoshop scripts so this post emphasizes on the power of Photoshop scripts. This list of 10 Photoshop Scripting Tutorials is to make sure you utilize your time in the best way and work more systematically.

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