What is your inspiration muse?

Inspire Me

Inspiration is a creative impulse and a necessary component for almost any field of activities. And no matter whether you are doing some everyday job or trying to create a masterpiece of art: work will be much easier and productive with the inspiration.

And Your Muse Is Gone

“Inspiration is highly overrated. If you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it’s not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation.”

Chuck Close, an American painter and photographer

Unfortunately for the artists it happens that the inspiration muse leaves. There are different points of view on the importance of inspiration. Some artists can’t work without it at all, others think that you can and need solve this problem on your own. Anyway, work can’t wait till you will be in the right mood again. So, let’s find a way to attract the inspiration.

Hunt for Creativity

Inspiration is undoubtedly necessary for the artists, musicians, writers,poets, and creative professions

At the times when you feel no inspiration for further work at all, try to locate and revive it in any appropriate way. For someone it is a walk in the fresh air, others prefer watching a movie, reading a book or an interesting blog. The most common idea for web designers to find an inspiration is to look at the works of other artists and illustrators.

You can find inspiration in a beautiful picture, advertising prints, bright illustrations, or even an ordinary wallpaper for your desktop. This is not about borrowing ideas from another authors. Different graphics are simply used as the source of inspiration to stimulate brain activity when you create.

Art of Web Design

Of course, web design and development services are related to art, but it is not a pure art. Unlike painting and poetry, the design is not art for art’s sake. The main goal of design is to promote certain goods and services. So you should not depend on the flow of inspiration, because your customers can’t really wait.

Rather, speaking about the inspiration for the design, we mean sources of creative ideas and good examples of successful works that we will contribute to the performance of certain tasks.

Here are some outstanding web design examples that hopefully will bring you to a new level of creative spirit.


Ok Studios

How to add creativity and brightness to some classic designs? This strict, but pretty colorful website can provide you with some ideas on such a task.



Slightly rowdy, but very uncommon approach to portfolio’s creation.



This is a web site that can help you create tender and romantic mood.



A funny website that can make you smile.



Here is an interesting approach to creation of a bright and outstanding blog.



Vivid paintings of Deborah Cavenaugh and her fairy colorful reality can make a miracle to your creativity.



Meet Jenn and her portfolio. Everything on this web site has a touch of a professionalism, style and taste.



If you are planning to add animated elements into your design and you still do not know how to start, look at this nice cozy website. Have fun pointing with your mouse at these friendly fantastic creations – you will be amazed!



Interested in illustrative web design? Here is a great example on this deal!



Yannic Garcia is a young web designer from Belgium. He has created an amazingly fresh and tasty web page for his portfolio.

Hopefully you’re inspired right now and have millions of terrific ideas for your future designs. We would be happy to hear about your own experience in inspiration’s search and to see your incredible works.

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