Facebook Redesign: 10 Different Layout Design Possibilities

Facebook recently introduced Timeline, their new way to layout profiles for every user on Facebook. Even though it hasn’t totally gone public yet, a lot of people already have access to it through the developer side of things. One thing I have noticed though with the users on Facebook is that they despise change. Why change something that is already working. I think if Facebook keeps changing their layouts and profiles they might lose a few people, but I don’t think they’ll even notice due to hitting the 800 million user mark of late.

That is a lot of people….sheesh. Anyway, we aren’t here to discuss statistics. I have rounded up 10 different designs by different web designers in which they portray their seeing of the Facebook layout. Some of the designs could have actually worked and I would prefer some to the current design, but you can’t please everyone can you?

Let’s see what the designers came up with and which ones you like.

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