Best Tools to Store and Organize Daily Inspiration

Finding inspiration as a website designer is no longer difficult in today’s world. Not only can you find it with a simple search through other websites but you can get lists on blogs that provide enormous numbers of examples that people have found around the web. All of it is just bundled there, waiting for you to take a peek through and find your own idea in the mix.

But with so many samples for you to peruse, how can you keep track of the ones you really like? For a long time, I would keep a notepad of links with little headers to try and organize them as well as a folder of screenshots. It was great – until it grew. The larger it became, the harder it was to navigate, and so I wouldn’t be able to see everything I might have been inspired by. It was like jumping into a swimming pool filled with images, and keeping track of the image number to the links was impossible. Luckily, I am not the only one who has experienced this problem. Tools have been created to help you collect, store and organize these digital inspirations in a way that is best for you. Check out these five awesome programs and start taking control of your inspiration obsession.

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