50 Examples of Typography in Human Characters

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs. These are created and modified using a number of different techniques and illustrations. Initially, typography was limited to hand writing and calligraphy, but with the introduction of new techniques and illustrative digital art, it is now used as a medium of expression. Designers have explored new and interactive ways to use typography in their designs. One such exploration is the use of typography in making expressive human portraits and figures. Here I have collected some of the breath-taking art pieces which use typography as a form of human expression, and I must say that I was struck by the depth and creativeness of some of these designs. Kudos to the designers! I would have gone forever searching for more, but the coffee in me seems to be exhausted out; enough to make me sleepy, so pardon me if I missed some. I also found this nice website where you can play all day by tweaking and dragging characters to create your own art work. Check it out at Type is Art: An Interactive Exploration of the Typographic Form. Me off to bed and you start counting the number of celebrities in here!

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