48 Nature Inspired Website Designs

More and more web designers and developers face the problem of how to engage people in their online projects. Surely, people only need what they are looking for, but there is always a thing that people are interested in. We’re talking about a story. A beautiful picture with an intriguing plot is always of high demand. That’s why there are many websites with interesting storytelling backgrounds appearing on the web. Nature landscapes are a perfect background for any story. They allow showing things which are hard to be said. Moreover, they give full scope for web designers to their abilities. So now we’d like to demonstrate you 48 nature inspired web designs which almost cry: “We’re so cool and good-looking!”

In this showcase you’ll find many portfolios of web designers and design agencies. They combine nature elements with cartoon drawings and saturated colors, so that their websites look a little bit unreal and amusing. There are also nature inspired web designers which use natural motifs to accentuate on the beauty of their goods and services. Below you’ll find a wide range of web designs inspired by nature. Websites which mention sky, greenery, water and animals are ready to inspire you right now!

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