40+ Awesome “About” Page Designs for Inspiration

When it comes to “About” pages, some websites seem to be overlooking their designs and sometimes even neglect them for some reason. Well, I think that this page is important, as people are curious to know who stands behind such a nice website with an awesome home page for instance. Web designers should definitely pay attention to their “About Me” page, as if it was their home page. It is useless to fill it with laudable information, if the design is not appropriate. Your “About” page acts like a portfolio or a resume, giving you are a designer. Having this page customized will make you stand out from the crowd – and I am not over reacting here. I have seen plenty of poor “About us” pages, even though the rest of the website was pretty impressive. One thing you shouldn’t do is leaving a job undone, right? We have selected a series of “About” page designs that we think are pretty nice and we appreciate the creativity of these designers. We hope they will boost your inspiration and help you create! We would also be happy to receive feedback from you and show us your “About” pages that you think might inspire other people.

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