60+ useful 3D Adobe Illustrator tutorials


Adobe Illustrator it`s a program that everything you create/design will be vector. What vector means ? Vector means that for example, a logo designed will be very high quality ( no pixels ), scaleable ( you can resize the logo without loosing the quality ), more realistic look and much more pluses.

If you are new in Adobe Illustrator, or if you want to learn this program it`s very easy if you really want and love design. It`s a little more hard for the ones that change the Photoshop with Illustrator, they will have to get used to a new “envirnoment”, the vector one! But if you WANT, everything is possible. I personally, when I realised that Illustrator it`s much better program for logos, because make only vectors, I changed photoshop with it and was a little harder in begining.

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