How to Create a Better WordPress Options Panel

Create a Better WordPress Options Panel

Today, we’ll go through the entire process of creating an admin options panel for a WordPress theme. Then, we’ll take things a step further, as we implement jQuery to improve some of the functionality.

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) systems out there. Whether it be for a client project or for selling themes on ThemeForest, WordPress is fast emerging as a CMS of choice for many web developers. It’s relatively easy to use, but can be made even simpler when you include an administration panel for users. Rather than having to open up the PHP template files and fiddling with the code, users can directly use the options panel to interact with your WordPress theme.

For example – if your theme has red, blue and green color schemes, and each has a corresponding CSS file, it would be far easier for a user to select their preferred color from a dropdown list. So today, let me guide you through the entire process of creating and enhancing a WordPress admin panel page inspired by Woo.

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