101+ URLs List To Help You Become a Better Blogger

Ask ten bloggers to tell you what a blog, or weblog, is and you get ten different answers. It’s surprisingly difficult to nail down an exact definition of a blog, because the term refers both to a type of web-based publication as well as to the underlying publishing platform.

Everybody can be a writer, but only some are good and few are truly talented. While a blogger doesn’t need to be a Shakespeare, he should be above average at the very least in order to keep his readers coming back. This means having both a way with words as well as being creative. Once you’ve gained an idea of what blogs can do for you, it’s time to look at the requirements for setting one up. These requirements are in themselves fairly low, since there are plenty of tools freely available.
I’m very happy to present to you my list of the best 101 blogging lists on the internet. If you want to add a list, just comment below and I will add it up.

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