What Printing Means to Businesses: A Collection of Infographics on Printing

If there is one thing that any business should invest on for promotions, this is printing. It’s an aspect that you can’t avoid since this is always a part of the materials’ production. So if you are already thinking about taking it out of the scene, then you might want to think twice. After all business and printing have been together for the longest time.

Yes, this is a fact that you shouldn’t ignore. If you would try to look back at the importance of printing when it comes to every business’s success, then you can understand why it still exists and will continue to be around. Even when statements are being made that the print industry might end soon, it’s still a thought that needs a strong basis.

Now, why is printing still one of the top choices when it comes to marketing a business offer? Aside from the convenience and affordability that it provides, it is also ideal for speaking to a large audience without costing you much. There are also other reasons that every company might give if you’ll just take time to ask. But since that’s not quite possible right now, we’ve decided to compile the best infographics that will show you the relationship between printing and businesses.

So, let’s get this started and learn why every print counts for every company.

Small Business Printing Costs


Image Source: http://infographicsmania.com/small-business-printing-costs/

In this infograph, you’ll get a view on how small businesses work their ways with printing. There is also a quick presentation on the costs that each company needs to shed to get the production quality that fits their need. You can also find out what are the top printing products being ordered or made for marketing nowadays.

Print Is Big – US and Worldwide Industry Statistics


Image Source: http://visual.ly/print-big-us-and-worldwide-industry-statistics

Learn why printing is so huge it becomes a hit not only in the United States, but even in other countries. Check out the percentage that it takes over when it comes to production and profit with this infograph. You can also have an idea on what awaits printing for the next years.

Why Your Boss Should Let You Print in Color


Image Source: http://visual.ly/node/16666

Now, here’s an infograph that will tell you why businesses should go for color printing especially when on files needed by employees. You can clearly see the reasons explained through percentages making the data more engaging. There is also a part here explaining the effects of full color printing on your customers.

Your Customers Want Direct Mail!


Image Source: http://themoreyouknowbandb.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/your-customers-want-direct-mail-infographic/

Direct mailing is one of the powerful marketing moves that a business could do. But, it cannot be completed without printing the promotional tools first. This is where the connection between the business goal and printing becomes stronger.

Has print gone digital?


Image Source: http://blog.ezeep.com/index.php/2012/05/has-print-gone-digital-infographic/

For the speculations that printing will be gone soon, here’s an infograph that’ll show why this industry will stay for long. With the huge numbers and demand for printed materials, it cannot be denied that even when everything’s digital nowadays, this need will still be around. After all, it’s still best to have a printed copy right at the palm of your hands right?

So there you have it, five engaging and perfectly created infographics to show how vital printing is for businesses. If you’re planning to build your own company or even just sell out your products, then maybe you’d like to spare some cash for this part. Remember, printing is one way for you to achieve promotional tools that will make you achieve your goals.

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