The Secret to Securing a Good Project Manager Role

Do you enjoy interacting with others and coordinating team efforts? Skillfully organizing and directing time and human resources? These are all things that a project manager does on a day-to-day basis. Many of you are freelancers – and goodness knows there are plenty of benefits to freelancing.

For some, though, there are very good reasons to head back to a firm or other corporate workplace, and a job as a project manager could be an excellent next step for you. Let’s take an educational detour and check out some tips and advice on successfully becoming a project manager.

Given these trying times that we are living in now, securing a good project manager role may be hard, if not impossible. Projects are more than a little lacking in abundance due to the current economic crisis. Thus, when applying for the Project manger role, you should expect to have a lot of competition. Also, bear in mind that the other applicants should not only be considered as competition but, at least potentially, as superb people who very well might have the same technical skill set as you do. You have to think about what will give you the advantage, the extra push in order to secure that much coveted project manager role. Once you figure out what your edge is, determine how to emphasize that distinction, making it shine out more than any other applicant and net you the interview, then the job.

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