Five “Easy” Lessons to Beat Apple’s iPad

Whatever you may think of the iPad – whether you believe it to be the savior of old media or simply “a big iPod Touch” – there is one thing that cannot be denied: the thing has been a massive success.

By last count, Apple had sold 3.27  million of them in the last quarter and, if that rate is anything to go by, sales are now probably over 4 million. The tablet computer, it seems, has arrived.

Naturally then, Apple’s competitors are gearing up their own versions. This, for better or worse, is the state of our industry: Apple innovates and others then play catch-up. Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry, are widely expected to release a ‘Blackpad‘. Microsoft are expected to clarify their approach to tablets in the next few months. And there are some upcoming Android tablets that look promising.

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