Innovation And Other Great Ideas

Have you ever been sitting, watching TV and a show or ad comes on and you say, “I had that idea a long time ago!” and then feel like you’re a failure? Some people say there are no new ideas, that everything has been done and some say they have no luck with their ideas.

The Beatles certainly went through years of rejection from music executives that said guitar music was on the way out, etc., etc. blah, blah, blah. Who was right? What did The Who go through?

29 publishers turned down JK Rowling, also known as the richest woman in England thanks to her uber-successful Harry Potter series, before someone saw the charm and possibilities of the idea. One can only hope there are 29 editors still looking for work.

The world is filled with stories like these. Great ideas passed over by mediocre judges and the people who have the drive and determination to persevere with their ideas.

As creatives, we have many ideas that fly into our heads. One might say Rowling had one idea – big deal! How many ideas have you had that you pushed with the same verve?

Still, while employed at a firm or corporate entity, you will try to introduce ideas to create new products, procedures and income for our employer… and gain some notoriety and, hopefully, a bonus in pay. If you’ve tried this, you know there are many roadblocks to introducing innovative ideas.

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