7 of the best feedburner alternatives

For most serious bloggers, publishing feeds and gathering data is an important part of the work. Finding new subscribers, tracking subscriptions, learning how many subscribers return and other information about them is incredibly valuable. Feedburner has been the best option for filling this niche for a long time and it offers excellent services, but recently users have found Feedburner to be more problematic than helpful.

Many bloggers are reporting that they have received inaccurate and unreliable data from Feedburner, particularly after the Google acquisition. Subscription numbers swing erratically each day and some report that subscriptions are being reported as zero. Furthermore, some have reported that the full content of their posts are not showing to some aggregators and that it is too slow.

Feedburner has long been the standard for managing feeds but if you, like many, are growing weary of unreliable information and performance read on to learn about some of the alternatives available.

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